The brand

The story

A healthy mind and body are the most important assets for any human being.

FLUÈRE Original alcohol free spirit & FLUÈRE Raspberry bring together floral botanicals used by the Roman legions to keep fit. Health and fitness are important and well worth being reminded of. To bring further expressions of FLUÈRE into the fold, and to give even more choice of what to drink Léon took a more modern, scientific approach and looked to what people are drinking now. This is how FLUÈRE Spiced Cane & FLUÈRE Smoked Agave were born.

The Vitruvian Man adorns each bottle and within FLUÈRE represents art and science, mind and body. To flow you need to be at peace, and comfortable in your own skin. To create FLUÈRE we need distilling techniques only available through modern science but we also consider each bottle and the liquid within art.

To elevate your experience, to help you settle into the evening, to bring some beauty to the table, that’s what FLUÈRE is for.

How we do it