The brand

True distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Classically inspired, created by the present.

FLUÈRE is about flowing in the moment, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and wanting only the best. When Léon, the founder, realized he didn’t always want his mind clouded in social situations he decided to do something about it, to create a liquid that would allow him to drink and take part whatever the occasion, but let him choose whether alcohol was involved or not. Léon wanted to create something spectacular, not just something to imitate alcohol but a piece of art that would elevate your experience, whatever you were doing. So Léon created FLUÈRE.

The concept of ‘flow’ is fundamental to FLUÈRE, that feeling of purpose, energy, ease of movement physically and mentally. Peak performance. Léon looked to ancient Roman texts for inspiration on which botanicals to use for the first expressions of FLUÈRE and in doing so derived the name FLUÈRE from the latin to flow. A fitting name. The bottle itself is an expression of flowing, the ripples down the side reminiscent of a river.

The story