The story

How we do it

Fluère contains only the best ingredients and finest botanicals

FLUÈRE is a distilled spirit just like gin, rum or mezcal. We just distil our non-alcoholic spirit a little more gently.

The botanicals for FLUÈRE are sourced over 4 continents, the main criteria is quality that allows for consistently amazing aroma and flavour. To get the best out of these botanicals every berry, flower, spice and fruit is individually distilled through ‘hydrosteam distillation’. This is a process where steam is used to gently open up botanicals and break down cell walls to release aroma and flavour compounds at very low ABV. The distillates derived from this careful and meticulous distilling process ensure the premium taste and unique after-bite of any drink made with FLUÈRE products.

Each botanical is distilled separately and then blended by master blenders in the Netherlands. This is not the easiest or cheapest way to make FLUÈRE but it is the best.